Unified, Nonpartisan & Independent

Counties & Commissioners Acting Together is a group of counties and individual commissioners across Colorado working to provide a unified, nonpartisan and independent voice at the statehouse.  Collectively, CCAT represents all regions of the state and the diversity of issues facing every corner of Colorado.

What We Do

CCAT represents the collective voice of Colorado’s counties through advocacy that is characterized by collaborative leadership and commitment to a common, statewide purpose.  CCAT works alongside other local government interests to advance a forward-looking agenda for Colorado’s future.

We bring a UNIFIED, NONPARTISAN and INDEPENDENT approach to our work.

  • Unified through consensus based decision making. Bringing together unique perspectives on issues impacting Colorado, allowing individual voices to be heard to help develop a collective response.
  • Nonpartisan approach to shape policy for Colorado as a whole, members come from both political parties and represent rural, urban, and suburban counties.
  • Independent voice partnering with stakeholders in important policy conversations, bringing forward our unique voice representative of our entire membership.

Learn more about CCAT’s Priority here.

How We Drive Progress

As a collaborative working group, CCAT members each bring diverse subject matter expertise and deep local perspective in order to shape collective policy priorities and positions. CCAT seeks to equip counties and commissioners with the tools they need to engage state legislators and advance policies that support Colorado – our people, our environment and our culture.

Members actively engage on the state and local level and with a variety of stakeholders, including outreach to legislators, committee testimony, or review and input on pending legislation. A consensus-based decision model is employed to arrive at positions on legislation and policy, as well as action to be taken by CCAT members and staff.

Consensus is a creative and dynamic way of reaching agreement between all members. Rather than majority rule, the group works to find solutions that everyone actively supports, or at least can abide by.