Counties & Commissioners Acting Together members advocate for a number of policies at the Colorado General Assembly. CCAT members and staff have identified the following core policy issue areas which guide their advocacy efforts.

  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING – Create and implement tools and funding sources for affordable and available workforce housing solutions at the State and local level, which draw from and expand upon local efforts already underway.
  • HEALTH CARE – Develop policies that support healthy lives for Coloradans ensuring the well-being of seniors; providing access to health care for all, including behavioral health care; and, improving access to effective and efficient public benefits and services.
  • HUMAN SERVICES -Ensure appropriate state funding is provided to human services programs serving children and families.  The strength of local human services departments is critical to a healthy community and dependent on state funding.
  • TRANSPORTATION – Establish a unified statewide transportation system through a planning process that is future-focused; embraces and supports emerging technology; and, ensures mobility for all populations.

During the past three legislative sessions CCAT has played an important role in the passage of legislation which addressed improving housing access, affordable healthcare, supporting Colorado families, and addressing transportation needs. For more detailed information see below.

2017 Legislative Session Wrap-Up
2018 Legislative Recap Report
2019 Legislative Session Wrap-Up
2020 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

In addition to state level advocacy, CCAT members have actively engaged in Federal policy issues including; efforts to modify the Affordable Care Act; Bureau of Land Management Planning Rule 2.0; and Bureau of Land Management Methane Waste and Prevention Rules.