Working Families & Economic Vitality

CCAT seeks to increase economic opportunity and improve equity and self-sufficiency for all Coloradans. To this end, CCAT promotes local economic development policies that provide pathways to living-wage careers and enhance community economic vitality, through means such as employment readiness, job training, and self-sufficiency programs.

POLICY PRIORITY: Affordable Housing

CCAT urges policies that develop tools and funding sources for the development of affordable and available workforce housing solutions at the State and local level.

Access to affordable and available workforce housing is arguably the most significant issue that is occurring in counties throughout Colorado. With the population of Colorado expected to double in the next 25 years this is a problem that will certainly become more severe without pro-active measures being taken.

  1. Engage with Housing Colorado and other stakeholders to revise and reintroduce House Bill 17-1309, Documentary Fee to Fund Affordable Housing. Consider:
    •  Increasing the amount of money generated for the fund;
    •  Pursuing funding sources other than just the documentary fee;
    •  Keeping funds in county of origin;
    •  Tailoring fund mechanics to better address needs at the county or regional level; and,
    •  Tailoring fund mechanics to provide distribution of revenues directly to local governments.
  2. Expand allowable uses for the Lodging Tax established by CRS 30-11-107.5 to include community and workforce housing, either through the county or local housing authority. Currently, these funds are dedicated only to tourism advertising and marketing.

POLICY PRIORITY: Human Services Funding

CCAT urges additional state funding be provided to human services programs serving children and families. The strength of local human services departments is critical to a healthy community and dependent on State funding.

House Bill 14-1317 made sweeping changes to Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP)  and the recent County Administration Workload Study does not appropriately reflect the need of counties for additional funding to address unmet needs which exceed counties’ current capacity. While additional funding has been provided for new child welfare caseworkers, it does not address the overall demand for services and workload across the entire state.

  1. Increase appropriation to CCCAP to ensure continued access to subsidized child care, increase rates to encourage higher quality child care settings, and support the new tiered system.
  2. Expand the workforce study to provide a comprehensive picture of need and provide funding for the recommendations developed.
  3. Provide additional funding for the child welfare block appropriation to address:
    •  Increased reports of child abuse/neglect; and,
    •  Support the cost of doing business for this crucial child safety program.