Protect Public Lands

Public lands provide irreplaceable economic, environmental, ecological, recreational and health benefits to our citizens and visitors. Federal public lands are open to the public while only 20% of Colorado State-owned lands are open to the public. Federal public land transfers would have long-term detrimental impacts to our local economies, environment and headwaters, employment and quality of life. The Colorado outdoor recreation industry generates roughly $13 billion in consumer spending; 125,000 direct jobs; $4 billion in wages and salaries; and $0.9 billion in state/local tax revenue.  95% of Coloradans visited Colorado’s 22.9 million acres of federal public lands in 2014.

POLICY PRIORITY: Protect Federal Lands & Recreation Management

CCAT urges the retention of Colorado’s federal public lands as federal public lands.

  1. Provide needed funding to federal land agencies that allows for upkeep of public assets and completion of decades-long deferred maintenance projects.
  2. Eliminate United States Forest Service fund transfers for fire-fighting, to retain vital operations funding.
  3. Provide permanent full funding of the Payment in Lieu of Taxes and Secure Rural Schools programs, which serve to partially replace funds counties need to provide essential services including education, public safety, and environmental stewardship.